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PRN Free Quote Request

PRN Free Quote Request

If you are not a member of Comply Direct you can still take advantage of our vast PRN procurement experience and utilise our UK wide network of accredited reprocessors and exporters generating PRN/PERNs accordingly.

Comply Direct is a well-established government approved packaging compliance scheme and are one of the largest buyers of PRNs in the UK. With an enviable 13-year track record of delivering competitively priced PRNs to both members and companies registered directly with the regulator, we now operate with a high degree of confidence in our procurement strategy.

Please complete this form to request a free, no obligation PRN quote today and put us to the test.

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Please complete the table below for the materials you need to purchase PRNs for. The tonnage of PRNs you require pricing for should be input to the 'Required Tonnage' row. The 'Obligated Tonnage' row is for the figure of total PRNs per material that your company is obligated for in the relevant year.

  Paper Glass Aluminium Steel Plastic Wood Other
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